We’re changing the way people access and afford healthcare

We connect patients and their medical providers, to empower them to take back control of healthcare. Our simple platform puts patients at the center of the healthcare experience, with the tools and resources they need to access care at a price they can afford.

At Peachy, we connect people— and put patients at the center.

The opposite of “fragmented” is “connected.”

Historically, healthcare has been made up of confusing, archaic & fragmented systems. This has led to poor patient experiences, inefficient administrative efforts, and rapidly increasing costs that are unaffordable for patients.

Our Promise

We are committed to building towards equitable health outcomes for all Americans. We promise that patients come first, always. We promise to share information that fosters transparency and trust. We promise to protect your data.

Our Founders, Lex & PJ

Built by patients, for patients.

Our Story

Peachy was started at the end of 2020 in Los Angeles, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, after a decade worth of my own chronic health issues, medical bills, and fighting against a system that was clearly never built for patients. But building just an easier way to pay medical bills was never going to make a big enough impact towards our mission of improving access and affordability to healthcare. What started as a provider payment platform to make it easier for patients to pay bills, has now turned into a product built for patients in a way that actually supports us.

It doesn’t matter how easy it is to pay a bill if it’s not affordable, or accurate. I hope this ends up as helpful to you all, as it has been for me.

We were never supposed to just be a payment platform, and with Peachy Patients, we are so much more than that.

Lex, Founder + CEO

“Patients are paying more than ever for healthcare while admin errors and predatory billing are often overlooked, undetectable by most patients. Patients need someone on their side, protecting them and making things easier to understand. That's why we're building Peachy Patients.”
PJ Santoro
PJ Santoro
Co-founder & CTO
“Sometimes big change doesn't come as soon as we need it. When that happens, innovation and humanity have to fill the void. That's what lies at the heart of Peachy: a company based on compassion that's building real, practical solutions to fix problems every American faces when they see the doctor.”
Sam Avishay
Sam Avishay
Communication Advisor
“Years before I started working at Peachy I found myself want to work on products that made a difference. Working on the products we are building at Peachy Patients has been a dream come true because I finally get to do that.”
Austin Thesing
Austin Thesing
Designer + Webflow Developer
“Looking back on the past year with Peachy, I can proudly say that we've built something with the potential to make a real impact on patient's lives with a small but mighty team.”
Jo Warren
Jo Warren
Full Stack Engineer
“Working at Peachy is truly a blessing to me. I am the only international remote employee on the team but Lex and the rest has always treated me with respect. This is a company that values inclusion and diversity, prioritizes family needs with a powerful advocacy in helping patients achieve a better life.”
Aubrey Zulla
Aubrey Zulla
Executive Assistant

Peachy Partners

We partner with providers, employers, and digital health companies to get Peachy into the hands of patients.

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