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Consider us your personal financial assistant for all things medical. Easily pay and manage all of your medical bills in one place, earn cash-back, and connect with Peachy Pal for automatic bill reviews & concierge negotiations. Why wait? It’s free, forever!

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Pay bills. Save money. Get Rewarded.


Easily pay any medical bill, from any provider, straight from your phone or computer.


Never worry about overpaying again. We review all bills for errors and will negotiate on your behalf to find you savings.


Earn points for every dollar spent. Redeem them for cash off future bills.

Five Star Rating

"My wife is pregnant, and it’s impossible to manage and track what we need to pay or if it’s even correct. Peachy gives me comfort that someone is double-checking and making it easy to pay."

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Miami, Florida
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Have questions about a medical bill? Oops employees have access to free concierge bill support with Peachy Pal. Consider us a patient-advocate in your pocket.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Peachy?

Peachy is a patient-focused company. We’re here to break down the walls of traditional healthcare and empower patients as healthcare consumers. Patients deserve to be the primary stakeholder in healthcare. As a Patient, you can upload and pay your healthcare bills in Peachy and we take care of the rest. You'll earn rewards for every dollar spent and have access to personal support when you have issues or questions about your medical bills.

How much does Peachy cost?

Peachy is free for patients, forever. For Peachy Pal users, we do charge 10-25% of savings. If we are unable to save you money, you won't pay anything. We do not charge for savings based on charity care or financial hardship requests.

What bills can I pay using Peachy?

No, you can pay any medical bill using Peachy, regardless of our connection to your provider. You can also pay lab bills (such as Labcorp or Quest), ambulance bills, or bills related to out-patient imaging services.

What happens to my account if I leave a Oops affiliated company?

Nothing! You can still use your Peachy account as you were before. If you are currently using your employer email address, please make sure you update to a personal address.

How do Peachy Points work?

Peachy Points is our rewards program that enables patients to automatically earn points on every dollar spent using Peachy. Currently they can be redeemed for cash-off future bills. We will be expanding our reward offerings in 2023.

What is Peachy Pal?

Peachy Pal is an advocate-in-your-pocket support center built to protect you from common billing errors and predatory billing practices. We will review your bill for errors and negotiate on your behalf to lower your costs, so you never have to worry about overpaying again.

Pay with confidence.

Not sure your bill is accurate or that you’re being charged fairly? Enable Peachy Pal to review your bills for errors and upcharging. If we find savings, we’ll negotiate on your behalf so you never have to worry about overpaying again.

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