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Introducing a whole new (free) way to empower your employees and enhance your existing benefits.

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Maximize your existing benefits with Peachy Perks

Empowering employees to take control of their health spending keeps your team happy and healthy. That way, they can focus on their work - not their bills.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Stand out by offering innovative perks that enhance your employees’ lives.

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Empower Employees

Give your employees a patient advocate to take control of their health and benefits.

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Enhance Existing Benefits

Supercharge your existing benefits by offering Peachy as a completely free add-on.

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Employees love Peachy.

Empower employees with free access to concierge billing services, resources, guidance, and rewards.

  • Spend less time worrying about medical bills or health plans
  • Earn cash-back & rewards for just seeing the doctor
  • Access concierge support for help with bills, benefits, and more
Peachy Pal

Give your employees a patient advocate, right in their pocket.

Access curated resources and get questions answered about your medical benefits, appointments, bills, and more with Peachy Pal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peachy Perks really free?

Yes! Peachy Perks are completely free for employers and employees, including comprehensive billing services to handle all of your employees' medical bills, cash-back and rewards on bills paid, concierge support and advocacy, and more.

Does Peachy Perks replace our existing benefits?

No! Peachy Perks is a completely free add-on that empowers employees to get the most out of your benefits. We integrate with a suite of benefits - and do not replace any existing benefit.

Who is Peachy Patients designed for?

Peachy Perks is an ideal add-on for companies looking to retain top talent with an innovative perk. We work with companies of all sizes and custom-tailor our Perks to best meet you and your employees' needs.

How do Peachy rewards work?

When you integrate Perks with your existing benefits, you unlock new rewards and cash-back for employees on every dollar they spend on medical bills. Once an employee sends us a medical bill to pay on their behalf, they earn immediate rewards that can be converted to cash-back on their next appointment.

How does Peachy's medical bill concierge work?

Employees with access to Peachy Perks can instantly pay any medical bill in a matter of minutes. Simply snap a picture or upload any medical bill to our online payment portal, and we'll handle the rest. Once payment is confirmed with the practice, we'll send the employee a confirmation email, as well as a link to redeem their cash-back and rewards. Yep, it's that easy.

Why do employers choose Peachy Perks?

Peachy Perks empower your employees to take control of their health spending and maximize their benefits. By giving employees the resources they need to make smart, informed decisions about their health, employers offering Peachy Perks can free up overhead and spend less time answering questions about benefits and bills.

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