Peachy Patients Launches New Concierge Support to Save Patients Time & Money on Their Medical Bills

03 April 2023

Los Angeles, CA - Peachy Patients is excited to announce the launch of Peachy Pal, a concierge support subscription that empowers patients by taking the hassle out of managing medical expenses. Think of it as a virtual assistant and patient advocate in your pocket.

Peachy Patients, the all-in-one platform for medical payments, rewards, and concierge support founded in 2020, is excited to announce the launch of its new Peachy Pal add-on. The concierge service enables even more ways to save on medical expenses and provides personalized assistance to patients with complex healthcare billing-related needs. Peachy Pals are available to help patients navigate insurance and billing issues, negotiate with providers directly, and assist with out-of-network reimbursements.

One of the most frustrating things about the healthcare system is that we put unnecessary stress and work on patients when they are most vulnerable. We’re building Peachy to remove this burden and let patients focus on their health. Our platform is designed to simplify the medical billing process and empower patients. Our Peachy Pal subscription takes it a step further by providing personalized support to patients with complex healthcare needs.
PJ Santoro, co-founder/CTO

Peachy Patients' platform allows patients to pay all of their medical bills in one place, eliminating the need for confusing payment portals, hold times while paying over the phone, or sending checks in the mail. The platform's automatic bill reviews check for bill accuracy and inflated charges, working to find patients' savings. Additionally, patients earn "Peachy Points" for every dollar spent using Peachy and can be redeemed for discounts on future bills.

According to Becker's Hospital Review, up to 80% of medical bills contain errors, with bills totaling $10,000 or more containing an average error costing $1,300. Medical billing errors also mar the credit reports of ~14 million Americans, and only one in three patients are confident their medical bills are accurate. Peachy Patients aims to address these issues and reduce patient stress by simplifying the billing process and providing personalized concierge support.

I’m just worried if someone doesn’t start pushing back against the current system, this problem is just going to keep getting worse. Americans are already having a hard enough time paying for everyday expenses, working around the clock to make ends meet…they shouldn’t also be victims to unfair, and inaccurate, billing practices too. If we want to drive real change across the industry, it's imperative to enable and empower patients to take back control of their medical expenses. Our new Peachy Pal offering is just one of the ways we’re doing that.
Lex Oiler, co-founder/CEO

Peachy Pal subscribers can enjoy the benefits of personalized concierge support for just $15 per month, keeping 100% of savings, with no deposit required.

About Peachy Patients: Peachy Patients is an all-in-one platform for medical payments, rewards, and concierge support. Founded in 2020 by Lex Oiler and PJ Santoro, Peachy Patients is dedicated to simplifying the medical billing process and saving patients time and money managing their medical expenses.

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