Peachy is free to use for everyone - regardless of your insurance or employment status. Everyone’s welcome to join us in building solutions that make healthcare easier and more affordable for all.

Peachy Patients helps insured and uninsured people alike manage their medical spending smarter. Whether you joined Peachy on your own or through an employer, we’re ready to help you take control of your medical spending, regardless of your insurance plan.

At Peachy Patients, we have experienced firsthand the struggles and challenges a patient faces when receiving a medical bill. Confused, furious, and desperate, wishing they could do something about the astronomically high medical bills. We get it. We deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis too. Peachy is dedicated to designing solutions that make patients’ lives easier - and committed to making health care spending simpler and more affordable. 

Yes, Peachy works with insurance, but our services are designed for everybody, regardless of your insurance status or plan, employment, or income. We support people with employee-provided insurance plans, those high deductible health plans, on a spouse’s plan between plans, uninsured and more. You name it. We can help make your life a little bit easier. 

FAQs about Peachy & Insurance

Can I use Peachy if I’m uninsured?

Yes, anybody can use Peachy regardless of their insurance status. Peachy works with insurance, but we also accept uninsured patients to ensure paying the medical bills is easy and affordable. 

Can I use Peachy if I’m on my spouse’s insurance?

Absolutely! We work directly with you and your provider to get all your medical bills paid and rarely need to ever talk to your insurance company directly. 

If I signed up through my employer, what happens if I switch companies? 

You will still have access to your entire account and can continue to use Peachy. If you used an email address you don’t have access to to sign up, you can change it in your account settings to a new one. Some Peachy Perks partners have certain features that are specific to their health plans, which may be unavailable moving forward, but our core features are the same.

Why is Peachy so good for people with HDHPs? 

Patients with HDHPs would benefit more from using Peachy because you may pay a lower premium and have high deductibles. Plus, Peachy allows you to take control of your out-of-pocket costs, and earn Points for cash off future bills.