We understand that navigating medical bills and insurance claims can be a confusing and frustrating process, often resulting in patients being taken advantage of and overcharged. Over the last two years of building Peachy, it’s become abundantly clear that patients need someone they can count on and trust to have their best interest in mind. Through multiple pivots, our mission remains the same: We need to put the power back in the hands of patients. 

With our new Peachy Pal add-on, patients are able to access concierge support for all of their medical bill management needs. Think of us as a virtual assistant and patient advocate, in your pocket.

How it works

When you upload your medical bills to Peachy, we’ll automatically review them for errors & inflated charges and work to get you the best possible price. Once we’ve secured your savings, you’ll be able to pay your provider directly in Peachy and earn points you can redeem for discounts on future bills. The best part? Peachy Pal subscribers keep 100% of their savings! No deposit required. If any issues come up, connect with a Peachy Pal for concierge support.

We currently handle common requests, such as:  
• negotiating with providers;
• out-of-network reimbursements;
• insurance denials and appeals;
• financial assistance applications

In the near future, subscribers will be able to book time to meet with an expert for budgeting, benefits planning, and care navigation support. Our team is working hard to expand our support offerings, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s something else we can help you with.  

Peachy Pals are standing by to provide you with peace of mind and expert guidance. You never have to worry about overpaying again.

I thought Peachy was always going to be free for patients. What happened? 

Part of being able to keep patients as our “primary stakeholder,” means we aren’t able to monetize using the same ways most digital health startups do (which end up passing on the cost to patients in different ways). We believe offering Peachy Pal, as an add-on subscription, is the best way to continue empowering patients to push back against a system that hasn’t been working for them. 

Not only does the $15/month subscription give you access to concierge support, fee-free savings, and exclusive features… it also allows us to continue offering our original Peachy Patients product for free. 

Users on our free plan will still be able to:
• take advantage of our simple bill payment platform to pay and manage all of their medical bills;
• earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future bills;
• access bill review & negotiation support*

*We do require a refundable deposit and collect 25% of savings as our fee for concierge negotiations. To unlock unlimited, fee-free savings, sign up for our Peachy Pal add-on.

Let's look at an example:
If you have a $500 bill, we require a $125 refundable deposit to begin negotiations. If we negotiate a $100 discount, we will collect $25 as our fee. This leaves a balance of $300. You can either a) accept the negotiation and pay the $300 balance, or b) decline the negotiation and request a refund of your deposit.

Depending on the exact nature of the bill, we may also offer to keep trying to negotiate further if we believe it may be lucrative or we just need additional details.

What does this mean for existing users who have negotiations in progress? 

Peachy will continue to negotiate your bill as if nothing has changed. If you upgrade your account prior to the negotiation being finalized, we will waive any established success fee and you will keep 100% of your savings.

Whether you opt for our free plan or our Peachy Pal add-on, we can't wait to help you save time and money on your medical expenses! Get started today