What if you could get paid back just for seeing the doctor? Well, with Peachy Points, now you can. You’ll automatically earn points for every dollar you spend on medical bills paid through Peachy’s easy-to-use online platform, which can be turned into money off future bills. 

Sounds too good to be true? We’ll explain how - and why - we built the first platform designed to make billing (and healthcare) better for everyone.

What are Peachy Points & How Do They Work

Peachy Points is a rewards program that lets you earn cashback whenever you use Peachy Pay to pay any medical bill online. Pretty cool, right? Here’s how it works:

1. Sign-up for a free Peachy Patients account at https://peachypatients.com.

Create your free Peachy account in under a minute at peachypatients.com. It’s completely free for patients, forever.

2. Upload and pay any unpaid medical bills.

Once you set up your free account, snap a picture of any medical bill and upload it. Tell us how you’d like to pay your bill, either by credit/debit. We’ll take care of the rest - and pay the bill on your behalf.

For every dollar you spend on medical bills, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for cash off your future bills.

3. Use your points to take $ off your future bills

After uploading and paying a bill, points will instantly appear in your Peachy dashboard. Convert these points towards cash off your next bill - or accumulate more points and apply them towards a more significant discount on any future bill. Peachy Points never expire - and they’re yours to use whenever or however you like.

How Peachy Points Can Lower Your Medical Bills

Anytime you pay a medical bill online through Peachy, you’ll instantly earn points - which you can convert into cash off future bills. Plus, you’ll earn bonus points the first time you pay a bill with Peachy.

The points are free to use whenever and however you want. Some Peachy users apply their points to their second medical bill, and others bank up points to use for a rainy day, reducing the cost of a bill by up to 50%. The points are yours. Oh, the potential!

Soon, we’ll be rolling out a bill negotiation feature that will let you instantly dispute any charge or service you believe has been incorrectly or unfairly billed. Stay tuned for more ways Peachy can lower your out-of-pocket medical costs!

Frequently Asked Questions about Peachy Points

Do you have a first-time bonus?

Yes, you earn bonus points 5x the first time you pay with Peachy Patients – you can use these points towards your next bill.

How can I earn extra points?

You can earn extra points the first time you pay through Peachy and each time you pay through the portal. You can also earn points when you refer providers. 

Is Peachy really totally free for patients?

Yes, signing up is free for patients, FOREVER! At Peachy Patients, our advocacy is to make health care BETTER and AFFORDABLE for everyone. While we cannot change the system now, we are starting with what impacts people on a daily basis: reducing medical costs and the complexity of paying your medical bills. 

How much are points worth?

Every dollar paid off of your bill equals 1 Peachy point, and these points accumulate each time you pay your bill or refer providers to sign up. 

Who are Peachy Points made for?

Peachy Points are designed for anyone who wants billing and health care to work a little better for everyone. You can pay your unpaid medical bill any time through the portal and earn points every single time! 

Do points ever expire?

No, your Peachy Points do not expire, and you can use them to pay a range of medical bills at any time!

We know health care can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. At Peachy Patients, our core mission is to make healthcare easy and affordable for everyone! Peachy Patients is new, and we are always trying to improve - we appreciate any feedback you have for us. If you have any questions, contact us directly at support@peachypatients.com

graphic: a note from our founder