At Peachy Patients, we are changing how people access and afford healthcare. Patients deserve to be the primary stakeholder in the healthcare system, without having to assume the costs. Our simple platform puts patients at the center of the healthcare experience, with the tools and resources they need to access care at a price they can afford.

Somewhere along the way, financial profits overtook patient care as the primary focus of the healthcare system. Decisions on patient healthcare have been stripped away from patients and their medical providers. At Peachy, we educate, enable, and empower both to take back control of the entire patient healthcare experience.

Peachy Pay: Pay any bill online in minutes

As a Patient, you can upload and pay your healthcare bills in Peachy, and we take care of the rest. 

Healthcare providers can also use Peachy to collect Patient payments. If your provider is in the Peachy Network, they can send you bills via SMS and email while also quickly offering automated payment plans and financing options.

You can earn points each time you pay a bill and refer a provider, which you can use to pay your future bills. 

Easily pay any medical bill, straight from your phone or computer with Peachy Pay.

  1. Sign in to your Peachy Patients account and go to Upload Bill
  2. Snap a picture or upload your bill and enter the details such as amount you want to pay and provider name
  3. Select your preferred payment method (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay)
  4. Click Submit! You just paid your bill with Peachy and earned rewards while doing it

Peachy Points: Earn points just for seeing the doctor

At Peachy Patients, you can sign up online or through our app and join our rewards program. Joining Peachy Points lets anybody who joins earn points just for paying their bill. For every dollar spent on medical bills, you can redeem your Peachy Points for money off your next medical bill or discounts with Peachy partners. 

Peachy Perks: The free employee benefits add-on built for teams big and small

Peachy Perks is a new, free benefit offering that saves employees time and money on their medical bills - and lets employees get the most out of their employer’s health benefits.

Learn more about Peachy Perks.

Peachy Pal: Take the headache out of navigating health care

Peachy Pal is an advocate-in-your-pocket support center built to protect you from common billing errors and predatory billing practices. We will review your bill for errors and negotiate on your behalf to lower your costs so you never have to worry about overpaying again.

FAQs about Peachy Patients

Is Peachy Patients really free to use? 

Yes, Peachy is free, for patients, forever! 

Does Peachy work with my insurance? 

Yes, Peachy Patients works with insurance regardless of your insurance and employment status. 

How does Peachy lower my out-of-pocket costs? 

Peachy Patients will be able to assist you in lowering out-of-pocket costs of patients by ensuring your bill is free of errors, inflated charges, and other predatory billing techniques. If we find any of these, we will negotiate with the provider to lower your bill.    

Who is Peachy made for? 

Peachy is for everyone - regardless of your insurance or employment status. With Peachy, everyone’s welcome to join us as we continue to build solutions that make your healthcare more accessible and affordable. We do find that people who have multiple medical providers to keep track of get the most out of our product. For that reason, we’ve kept patients with chronic health issues, parents, caregivers, and those seeking repeat mental health services at the front of our mind since day one. 

Can I refer Peachy to my provider or doctor? 

Absolutely! Referring your doctor or provider will earn you points which you can use at Peachy Patients to pay your bills!

Peachy Patients is committed to providing patient-focused services. Our mission is to build solutions that make patients’ lives easier, the bills more affordable, and the experience with healthcare a little simpler. Peachy Patients is your one-stop shop for managing medical expenses. 

Are you interested in learning more about Peachy Patients? Get in touch at or claim your free account today